There have been many changes in the field of Building Permits and Building Execution, which have created questions and confusion for many interested parties, when a Building Authorization is required, in which cases Approval of Small Scale Works is needed and which does not require any permission.

What is a Small Scale License?? 
The Small Scale License is a form of building permit, but it concerns a small range of construction work, with a project budget of up to € 25,000.

What small repairs and other tasks require a small-scale work permit??
-External paintwork or repair of coatings or face repairs using scaffolding
-Reinforcing facades and replacing curtains with scaffolding
-Prefabricated pergola over 50 (50) sq. M. in open-plan areas, bungalows, ground floor verandas. In roofs, open-air areas and open-plan balconies, small-scale construction work is required regardless of the surface
-Air ducts, chimneys, solar systems installations
-Interior arrangements
-Installation of external thermal insulation or passive solar systems on the external facades
-Support and repair of roofs using scaffolding
-Order construction, such as wire mesh
-Heating furnaces and ovens with their chimneys, for professional use
-Construction of fireplaces with their chimneys in independent residential properties
-Reconstruction of the roof
-Installation of autonomous heating system

Which supporting documents are required?? 
a) the owner’s application
b) Approvals of the relevant departments
c) technical engineering report
d) cadastral certificate
e) photos of the property
f) a statement
g) a copy of the Building License or other legitimation document

How long does it take to issue a license?
Once the complete envelope with all required documentation has been submitted to the Building Service, the time for the License to be issued is about one week.

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