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Why do I need a engineer certificate?

By virtue of Article 83 (requirement for the issuance of an engineer’s certificate to legal acts, writable acts) it is stipulated that in any live act, including the donation, a cause of death, which is made after the entry into force of 4495/2017 and the object of which is the transfer or creation of a right in rem in a property or in a property without a building, a statement of the owner and an attestation of engineer are attached.

The attestation is mandatory for: 

  • Sale
  • Buy
  • Donate alive
  • Parental benefit
  • Mortgage
  • Change in the right of ownership
  • Change in the right to property on a parcel or plot

How to obtain the engineer’s certificate:

The engineer’s certificate is issued electronically by the management system of the Technical Chamber of Greece. Each engineer’s certificate obtains a unique number / code printed on its base and is accompanied by its authentication site.

Who undertakes to issue this attestation:

The Engineer takes over after a check by inspection on the property, according to his building permit, approved architectural design drawings, arbitrary regularization etc., Ascertain whether the property has been built in accordance with building permission, that is not installed on the property arbitrary use and whether they have been legalized by any legislation or are regulated by the current law on arbitrariness.

Supporting documents for certification of engineer:

  • Building permit
  • Topographic diagram
  • Approved architectural drawings (floor plans, sections)
  • Property titles
  • Legitimate information in case of arbitrary

Engineer certificate delivery time:

Once the necessary check is made, it takes about 24 hours for the certificate to be delivered.

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