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The process of arranging arbitrary real estate is a complex process that requires the owner to assign it to a civil engineer for the purpose of recording and controlling the construction and eventually submitting the settlement statement with all the required supporting documents, plans and researches.

∴ One reason that a property can be considered arbitrary is to use it without building permission or to have it overcome.
∴ Another reason is for his permission to be canceled or to be executed in violation of provisions.

√ The new law N.4495 / 2017 gives the opportunity to legitimize some arbitrarily.

The supporting documents for declaring arbitrary:

  • Application filed by the alleged owner of the property
  • Responsible statement including the owner’s personal details, the VAT number, the tax number, the number and year of the building permit where applicable, the area and the use of the arbitrary construction, the date of arbitrariness
  • Form E9, in which the property where the arbitrary construction or use is located
  • Technical report by the responsible engineer
  • Photos of construction

If there is a building permit, the following copies are required:

  • Topographic diagram
  • A cover diagram showing the location and outline of the arbitrary construction
  • Floor plan where the arbitrariness is noted
  • Intersection of arbitrary construction

If there is no building permit, the following copies are required:

  • A topographic diagram depicting the sizes of arbitrary construction
  • Top view of the arbitrary construction
  • Intersection of arbitrary construction
  • Aerial photography
  • Technical report

Our office undertakes the entire Arbitrage Arrangement process with Law No. 4451/2017

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