Our office provides high quality services in the field of research, supervision and administration of technical projects in the private sector, as well as the issuance of building permits – Digital Identity of Buildings.

We maintain excellent collaborations with experienced consultants, in order to fully meet the requirements of each client’s project.

Anna Chounti

In particular, we undertake the legalization and arbitrary arrangement, in accordance with Act 4495/17, the issuing of permits (construction, small scale, change of use of premises, operation of shops and business premises, renovations etc.), the drafting of topographical plans- buildability- , the issuance of certificates for property transfers, autopsy-costing-project budgets and technical reports.

Contact the Anna Choudi civil engineering office for high quality services, with professionalism, consistency, immediacy and unmatched quality.


Arkadia Civil Engineer

We cover the needs of Arkadia and Argolida regarding: architectural researches, building renovations, building permits, topography, energy upgrading, arbitrary settlement, engineer certificates, Cadastral statements etc.


The Engineer’s Certificate certifying that there are no arbitrariness on a property is a form that must accompany any transfer of property (building, land, stadium).

◿ The Engineer’s Certificate is required to complete the transfer of a property
◿ Valid for 2 months from the date of issue
◿ Usual time to issue a formal Engineer’s Certificate for transfer of property is 4-5 business days

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